The Greenhouse Grows and Cowboy Beans

I am so excited to see the greenhouse coming together! Here is a picture of the main frame, that the guys started yesterday and completed today. It seems to go fast(to me that is, I didn’t help with this one). I can see it full of hanging baskets, herbs and plants already.

Since everyone has been working outdoors all weekend, it is a good day to have something hearty for dinner. For us, one of the favorites is Cowboy Beans.I am not sure how this name came to be. May be it was my way of coaxing reluctant young boys into thinking that dinner could be from a bowl. May be it was so that my husband didn’t view dinner as a dump-and-hope sort of affair. All I know is that when I say that dinner will be this dish, they sure look forward to it. Reserve it for cold winter days, or ones that you worked hard enough to need something that sticks to the ribs. Here it is:

Cowboy Beans
2 quart jars of canned beans with salt pork or bacon(substitute 2 large cans of store bought baked beans if you don’t have home canned.)
1 pound(I admit to using 2 lbs for my crew of 7)ground meat, pork or beef work equally well. We usually use pork.
1 large, sweet onion, chopped
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup black coffee
1 cup ketchup
1/2 cup mustard
Salt/Pepper to taste
Brown ground meat in large pan, once the meat has started to release juices, add the chopped onion and s/p to taste.
Once meat is browned and onions are translucent and soft, drain meat of excess fat if necessary.
Return browned meat mixture to large pan. Add remaining ingredients and heat thoroughly. This dish tastes best when allowed to cool and reheat at dinnertime.

We like to serve with homemade cornbread or baking powder biscuits. There will be no leftovers in our house. Also works very well in a crockpot while you all go out and cut wood or something. Just brown the meat and add everything else to the crockpot to cook all day on low heat.

5 thoughts on “The Greenhouse Grows and Cowboy Beans

  1. The greenhouse frame is impressive! Aren't you blessed! Thanks for sharing the bean recipe. I'm wondering if it got it's name from the black coffee as an ingredient? Makes for an interesting add in… can't wait to try it and see how it flavors the beans.

  2. Thanks, these are really good. An old standby dish for our family. I think it is one of those recipes that is handed down and tweaked as it goes. I started adding the coffee years ago, when I came across coffee as in ingredient in an Amish cookbook. The original recipe was for a roast beef dinner, but the flavor was so good that I started adding coffee when that depth of flavor was called for. I hope you enjoy!Amy

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