The Farming Wife Plays With Jars

Our garden overfloweth. I love this time of year; feeling slightly overwhelmed each time I go out and harvest what is ready to go from the garden. Too much for one meal, I have to stop the world and get things processed. For instance, last night I brought in:

 This in my huge stockpot

And these in an other stockpot

 Finally, these in a canning pot
I ended up with plenty of veggies  for the day, so I made  6 pints of salsa and another batch of tomato sauce.  I froze the sauce to be quick about it, ending up with  9 quart bags – 3 cups in each one. There are still plenty of veggies left for snacking and making sandwiches with,  not to mention that the garden will be  ready to pick again  in two days.  Beans and zucchini are up next. Yum!

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