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Christmas Eve Eve

Welcome To The Farm

Dark Ginger Apple Cider Punch

Dark Ginger Apple Cider Punch

This recipe for a family-friendly holiday punch uses the new Dark Gingerale from Schweppes. It’s tasty and refreshing! Whip up this drink in minutes. The longer it sits, the better it tastes.

Homemade Pigs in a Blanket

A favorite kid treat for the holidays is the traditional pigs in a blanket. These little hotdog  morsels are not only fun for the kids, they are also a great way for me to try out different dips on unsuspecting eaters. Of course, I enjoy making them homemade since...

The Best Hamburger Buns in The World

During a conversation on baking that my online friends and I were having, I shared my recipe for the best hamburger buns in the world, or at least the best buns I have ever made for our biweekly hamburger dinners. These are soft, fluffy, and in no way heavy. I don't...

Checking The Homebrew

It's a snowy day here on the farm, so I am compelled to tidy. That means checking the homebrews in the pantry. Currently, I have a Dandelion Beer from back in June. It's by far my favorite homebrew concoction so far. Sadly, there isn't much effervescent, but the taste...

Breadmaker Sourdough Brown Sugar Rolls

The kids had to split wood today and that means they  needed the will to survive. Simply put, I bribed them with food and I don't care who knows about it. Of course, that also meant I got to play around with recipes and if you have been reading long enough, you know I...

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