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Homebrew essential items

It’s a snowy day here on the farm, so I am compelled to tidy. That means checking the homebrews in the pantry. Currently, I have a Dandelion Beer from back in June. It’s by far my favorite homebrew concoction so far. Sadly, there isn’t much effervescent, but the taste is crisp and clean. I LOVE it! I’m looking forward to trying again this spring and trying to nail it. Unfortunately, it requires fresh dandelion greens as well as the root, so I can’t make any just yet.

My second homebrew is just some plain, old Kombucha that I bottled in February 2016. It’s delightfully fizzy and still tastes faintly of apples, with a crisp bite at the end. No way would you know that it was fermented tea unless you were already familiar with this tasty brew.

Finally, today I started some hard cider using a kit I purchased off of Ebay. I’ll let you know how it goes. In 10 days I bottle it, so pics will follow.

In other news, my bookshelves are tidied and dinner is ham with scalloped potatoes and veg and rhubarb sauce on the side. It’s a fussy kitchen day, since we have a self-imposed snow day today. No reason other than this time of year is “meh” for schooling. We drag all month until the first of the year when we kick off with full energy until spring. It really pays to not take off all those “holiday and vacation” days the rest of the year.