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Crockpot Summer Supper

Today’s crockpot summer supper, is a recipe that came about in a convoluted fashion, as so many scratch recipes do.
My garlic cloves were overpowering the rest of the fridge contents, and it is so hot, that heating the oven just seemed wrong.
I came up with this recipe originally as a way to eat wild game that was too gamey on its own. It is a wonderful base for beef as well, and tonight’s dinner proves it.
Quick and easy, place your ingredients in the crockpot and walk away. No miss, no fuss.
Crockpot Beef
1 frozen beef roast 3-4 lbs
1 pkg onion soup mix or your favorite seasoning
1 can tomato paste
Garlic cloves (use plenty, they sweeten as they cook)

I start with a frozen roast and cook it all day on high. If hubs is late, I turn it off and keep it covered.

Serve with greens from the garden and a crusty bread. Leftovers are even better!

The Farming Wife Cooks A Tongue

Oh yea, I went there! Why not make it? We have a few in the freezer, and this week we could really use something for sandwiches.
If you are brave or curious enough to try it, here is what you do:

Rinse the tongue and trim off the meaty part that may still be attached at the back. Then you will be left with a neat, tidy piece of tongue.
In a large kettle(I use a stock pot), place the tongue and cover with cool water.

Then add the seasonings:

3 Tablespoons pickling spice
1 large onion- sliced
1Tablespoon salt
2 teaspoons pepper( my pickling mix has whole peppercorns in it, so I omit)

Over medium heat, bring to a simmer.
Skim as foam appears.
Cover and simmer 3 hours, or until tender.
Cool enough to handle.
With a sharp knife, peel all skin from the meat. This is my least favorite part, but it is easy to do.
Slice meat thinly to use for sandwich meat.

It’s just that easy. Now, you can serve tongue many ways, but for squeamish folks, sandwiches are a good introduction. Before you say no, once you slice it, tongue is simply a very tender, rich meat. The one I cooked today, ended up being 1 1/3 pounds of meat.

Ask about them at your local butcher. When someone has a beef processed, they are asked if they want the heart/liver and tongue. Most people say no, so the butcher often has extra, and you can get them for next to nothing.