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Thanksgiving Countdown Day 4: Make Homemade Place Cards

Thanksgiving Countdown Day 4: Make Homemade Place Cards

Make these adorable homemade place cards for your Thanksgiving table.

Best Ever Homemade Chocolate Syrup

Best Ever Homemade Chocolate Syrup

There are just some things that taste better when they are homemade. Chocolate syrup is one of those things. It’s richer, sweeter in a better way, thicker, and more chocolaty with no aftertaste than the ones sold in stores. I like making it on a 

Charts and Lists and Chores – Oh My!

Every year, we have a schedule to make up for our school year. The summer months at first, seem a relief from the busy days, but honestly things run more smoothly when everyone has direction. By everyone, I also include myself. There is something so 

Thrift Store Love

This is how much fun shopping at thrift stores can be. For 15.00$ I found this vintage play kitchen. Bekah is in love, and I am enjoying her baby chatter as I work. In other news, my office resembles a daycare.

People – Start Your Canners

All the work, the sweat and the cursing has come to pass. Now my garden is giving back. Every morning and night, as I walk the rows, veggies seem to ripen before my eyes and finally, we have fresh produce. I love all the things