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Foods In A Jar

I have a burning desire to always put food up. No matter if it is canning, freezing, dehydrating, or simply layering into canning jars for the pantry, it is one of the foremost things I worry/think about, when I have time to muse. I have 

Eat Local: Really Local

Eat Local: Really Local

After enjoying one last Food Preservation class at our local community college, I started to really think about the idea of eating local.  For many of us that is easy to do in the summer. We all know about farmers markets and the like. Even 

The Farming Wife Cooks A Tongue

Oh yea, I went there! Why not make it? We have a few in the freezer, and this week we could really use something for sandwiches. If you are brave or curious enough to try it, here is what you do: Rinse the tongue and 

Pickled Eggs

I love to  pickle things. Admittedly, my actual cucumber pickles are not so great, but I can make a mean pickled zucchini slice. The thing about pickles, is that they are just a food soaked in brine and spices. That is it.As far as the pantry goes, pickling is 

Why Wash Dried Beans?

This photo  is the perfect example of why one has to wash and pick through dried beans before use. I love using beans in my cooking. They are: Cheap Yummy Filling I admit to not always doing more than a glance and rinse before cooking 

The Farming Wife Makes Brownie Torte

This dessert is one that you pull out when your grocery bill is stretched tight. It tastes rich and indulgent, while serving at least 8. Don’t let the small size fool you, slice the pieces very thin. You need: Your favorite brownie recipe that fits