Strange Days On The Farm

Strange Days On The Farm

DH just mowed down the last of what was supposed to be our garden this year. I managed to keep it for a few extra weeks, because although the squash plants didn’t give us any veg, it was a haven for the bees, so I 

Snail Mail is Awesome

This lovely surprise was waiting outside my door today. First I will devour the gorgeous photography and then the words. Who needs sleep?

Egyptian Walking Onions

Egyptian Walking Onions

Photo Flickr user kusine A few years ago, friends of ours gave me a handful of Walking Onion bulbs. She had casually broken them off as we stood talking by my car. I threw them into the bucket of other goodies we had been gathering 

The Family That Gardens Together

DH has gone up on the hill with some of the boys, to clean up so he can mow around that fence. I have a minute to post, while we wait for some workers to head back down to work in the garden. It is 

The Farming Wife Plays With Jars

Our garden overfloweth. I love this time of year; feeling slightly overwhelmed each time I go out and harvest what is ready to go from the garden. Too much for one meal, I have to stop the world and get things processed. For instance, last 

People – Start Your Canners

All the work, the sweat and the cursing has come to pass. Now my garden is giving back. Every morning and night, as I walk the rows, veggies seem to ripen before my eyes and finally, we have fresh produce. I love all the things