Grocery Day!

Obligatory kid photo  No one else ever seems as excited about grocery day as I am. It has always been a day to look forward to, but maybe it is because I go about it in a different manner than most. I wouldn’t dream of 

I Made A Pledge: How About You?

Homegrown Across America, is fast becoming my obsession. Within my own town, I share the info at every opportunity, and practically plead with members of my community to take a look.  Today, I made a pledge to become a financial backer on Kickstarter.com. If you 

Harvesting Wild Nettles


How to harvest wild nettles. This harvest ended up as a saute of bacon, garlic and nettles, dressed with a bit of olive oil at the end. Delish!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Jello!

Yes, yes. I know the whole story about eating whole foods, local produce and buying from small farms. Heck, of course I do ( Its my life!) However, like any good intention, I do think we get a little too nutso about it. Although we 

There’s Something About Muffins

Orange Cranberry Muffins There was a bakery back in Ogunquit Maine, that sold the most delicous muffins. They were photo perfect, and the size of 1/2 loaf of bread (ok may be not THAT big). You could easily share one with a friend and both 

Wild Food: Walking Onions

Photo Flickr user kusine A few years ago, friends of ours gave me a handful of Walking Onion bulbs. She had casually broken them off as we stood talking by my car. I threw them into the bucket of other goodies we had been gathering 

Pantry Gardening

By now, the foods that were put up last year have begun to run out. In our house, we are down to the last few bags of tomato sauce, having used all the cases of tomatoes and sauce in the pantry. We do have hot 

No Worries

No worries, dear farming wives. I am simply moving my beloved site over to WordPress..Thanks for your patience and wait until you see what’s in store for 2012. (edit 2-24-2012) Yea! All my old posts are tucked in to their new home! Have a look 

Why You Need Kitchen Scales

Why You Need Kitchen Scales

When you love those old cookbooks, and start digging deeperfor recipes, sometimes you need a little bit of help. I have something that istruly a must have for anyone who wants to play with their food in  a more serious way. A kitchen scale. The 

My Favorite Pantry Item

Of all the things in my pantry, I think flour is myfavorite pantry item. Why?  Flour is used for so many fabulous things and it isthe basis for most of my scratch cooking. I can make sweet, savory, hearty,fried, crispy and smooth/creamy-all with flour. My