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Harvesting Wild Nettles

How to harvest wild nettles. This harvest ended up as a saute of bacon, garlic and nettles, dressed with a bit of olive oil at the end. Delish!

Wild Food: Walking Onions


Photo Flickr user kusine

A few years ago, friends of ours gave me a handful of Walking Onion bulbs. She had casually broken them off as we stood talking by my car. I threw them into the bucket of other goodies we had been gathering from her old farm. 

After transplanting my horseradish root onto my own place, at the bottom of the bucket were these little bulbs. There happened to be a nook where two of our fences met, that were out of the way of the mower (my husband is a champion of mowing down anything I plant), and if they lived, the location was perfect to let them spread around without bothering anything else. 

And grow they did! Now, I look forward to my onion bed, for one of the earliest wild foods on the farm. They come up just about the time that the dandelion greens get big enough to pick. Combine the two, and you have a heavenly side dish! See how that works? 

I wrote an article for Earth Eats, telling more about these little nuggets of onion power. 

Pickling Recipes and Tips for Egyptian Walking Onions

If you ever get the opportunity to plant some walking onions, find an out of the way place, and have at it!