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Cookbooks That Defined My Cooking

Even with all of the available online recipes, I still keep an extensive collection of cookbooks. Here are a few of my favorites.

32 Days Until Spring

32 Days Until Spring

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Herbs For Soapmaking

Herbs For Soapmaking

Grow herbs that you can use in your soap recipes! Here are five that I use and tips for using them.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Chores Were Exhausting

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Remembering Summer

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Can I have a Pop-Tart, Mama?

Can I have a Pop-Tart, Mama?

When they ask for a treat, you make it!

Make Your Own Rice Mix

Make Your Own Rice Mix

If you love the box of Rice a Roni because it’s fast and easy to fix, make your own and have it on the shelf all the time!

Today's Musings

Cheddar Bacon Breakfast Muffins

Breakfast is always the hardest meal to organize and keep on hand for me. The kids have to eat before school, and yet  nothing sounds good to them. I have been messing around with muffins, and came up with a really tasty one that tastes fantastic, is more filling than a regular sweet type muffin, and the family actually ASKS for them!

I wrote up the recipe on my Herb Gardens site, so you can check it out. I do want to add something:

Sprinkle the muffins with Parmesan cheese before baking, and whatever you do, do NOT use paper liners! I made a double batch, and used paper on 6 of them, foil liners on 6, and left the second dozen with no liners. The ONLY ones that stuck to the liners, were the paper ones.

These are deeelish!

All Time Favorites

Kid Friendly Salmon Cups

Kid Friendly Salmon Cups

Quick and easy, these salmon cups can be made from ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen and pantry. I was lucky enough to find cans of Wildcaught Alaskan salmon for a steal at the local grocery store, so stocked up. If I put 

Late Summer Rhubarb Crisp

Late Summer Rhubarb Crisp

If you shop with a tight budget, and only go once or twice a month to the store, there are inevitably going to be times when the larder is becoming bare and still it isn’t Grocery Day. With experience, these times become a day or two at most, but 

Crockpot Summer Supper

Today’s crockpot summer supper, is a recipe that came about in a convoluted fashion, as so many scratch recipes do. My garlic cloves were overpowering the rest of the fridge contents, and it is so hot, that heating the oven just seemed wrong. I came 

Warm Pasta Salad With Mushrooms and Sausage

When all else fails, make pasta! I often cook a meal, knowing there will be leftovers. Pasta salad is a great recipe to make a nice dinner and at least one lunch for everyone, and I can put all the vegetables into it that I 

Do Not Be Afraid Of Cooking

Do not be afraid of cooking. So many times I hear people say “Oh you are such a greatcook!” Or that they cant possibly cook. I always wonder about that. I mean, whatis there but something tastes good or it doesn’t? I don’t know many things thatdon’t