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New Pressure Canning Book On The Way

Pressure Canning FoodsIf you have been reading for a while, you know that I love food preservation just as much as I love to cook. There is something about shopping in my own pantry and freezer that makes me slightly giddy with joy.  Over the years, I have written books on all sorts of food preservation: Canning and Preserving for Dummies, Canning and Preserving All in One, Fermenting for Dummies. Each one is filled with good ideas and recipes for creating homemade meals from the farm kitchen.

I never could understand why the art of pressure canning wasn’t as popular as it once was. I think it fell out of favor when people had access to frozen foods and that meant a lot less work. The rise of convenience foods meant the decline of doing things ourselves.

Pressure canning is an important part of my everyday life, and I am excited to be bringing you another book on the subject. I am working on a  book titled Modern Pressure Canning, and it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

It’s not just a traditional canning recipe book, and I will be sharing many of the fun and funky recipes that help me be creative cook throughout the year.  I’m excited to see what you think, and will be blogging my journey from recipe box to full color book. Stay tuned!

Do you pressure can anything? Share in the comments below!

Foods In A Jar

From the garden to jar

I have a burning desire to always put food up. No matter if it is canning, freezing, dehydrating, or simply layering into canning jars for the pantry, it is one of the foremost things I worry/think about, when I have time to muse. I have found that many of the old cookbooks address meals in a jar, much more than modern ones do. The more modern varieties are usually desserts (not that there is anything wrong with a dessert), but savory main dish ingredients should be considered for a full pantry.

I found this cool idea for a meal in a jar, from YouTube channel: Linda’s Pantry. Called Rosemary Chicken and Rice, it sounds delicious!

Rosemary Chicken and Rice

I especially appreciate her direction, because it uses dried foods that many of us keep in our pantry, but may not know how to combine into a new meal. Does anyone know where to buy freeze dried chicken? That’s a new one.

Another cool idea, is to mix your own flavored rice together, and store it in jars. Since the flavoring can sometimes settle out of the rice, you could keep it in single meal sized jars. These do not have to be canning jars, and are wonderful for those glass jars that you always have piling up. Here is my recipe (this is straight from my Canning and Preserving For Dummies Book)

Rice Mix

1 cup long-grain rice

2 tsp bouillon granules

3 teaspoons dried herbs

1/4 tsp salt

Combine all ingredients and cap tightly until needed. For my family, I double this for one meal. As long as you use the entire jar for one meal, you will have an even ratio of rice to flavor.

No bouillon? How about powdering the dehydrated veggies of your choice: I use tomato, onion, green pepper, nettle , mixed in equal parts with Nutritional yeast, and substitute it for the bouillon. You may find that you have to adjust the salt, because of course a purchased bouillon is very salty.

Finally, please note that I am posting to the old address today. Last night, I moved to my own server and then promptly broke the site. No worries, but I can’t embed the video or do the kinds of things I want to at this address. Hopefully, but tomorrow I will get it all worked out.

Have a great afternoon!

The Family That Gardens Together

DH has gone up on the hill with some of the boys, to clean up so he can mow around that fence. I have a minute to post, while we wait for some workers to head back down to work in the garden.

It is a bittersweet day on the farm. Time to till under the vegetable garden and plant a Fall one. Overall, it was a good year. The rain seemed to cooperate for the most part. Usually we have seen flooding and dry spells, never catching a break. Our pantry and freezers are full of goodness. Still, I have a hard time tearing up a garden that is still producing.

What! You say? Still producing? Yes, the zucchini was late coming on this year, and the green beans still have life in them. Pepper plants will continue to produce, as long as the peppers are picked, so they are still looking great. I know it is time to switch to the fall things, but I have a soft spot for anything that shows a little gumption.

The kids have no romantic notions of the garden. Unlike the scenes of a Hallmark movie, all farm kids do not wake at dawn, and grab the egg bucket to start their chores. Mine wake at 7 and grumpily take the bucket out. No matter that they have had chores to do since age 3. They certainly don’t refuse, but there is no skipping involved. 🙂

Today, the garden is going to be stripped of everything. Green tomatoes in one box, anything with a hint of color in another. Green bean plants get  pulled up and cleaned of every available bean, pepper plants the same. Everyone except the two youngest, will be cranky about it. Oh well.

This winter, they will be singing a different song, when our table bears the weight of all the things grown here on our place. The kids forget the sweat and just look forward to eating it (and poking fun at their poor mother).

Well, I need to go gather the boxes for the garden. Have a great day everyone!

The Farming Wife Plays With Jars

Our garden overfloweth. I love this time of year; feeling slightly overwhelmed each time I go out and harvest what is ready to go from the garden. Too much for one meal, I have to stop the world and get things processed. For instance, last night I brought in:

 This in my huge stockpot
And these in another stockpot
 Finally, these in a canning pot
I ended up with plenty of veggies for the day, so I made  6 pints of salsa and another batch of tomato sauce.  I froze the sauce to be quick about it, ending up with  9 quart bags – 3 cups in each one. There are still plenty of veggies left for snacking and making sandwiches with,  not to mention that the garden will be ready to pick again in two days.  Beans and zucchini are up next. Yum!